New Moon in Virgo on 9/6/21 at 7:52 pm CT

A New Moon happens when the Moon and Sun are in the same sign, at the same degree and minute.This New Moon is in the Earth sign of Virgo.

Some traits of a Virgo include perfectionism, wanting to be of service and being discriminating. Virgos like to be “in the know” at all times, and love to analyze!

When the New Moon is in Virgo, it is the perfect time to begin a new diet or exercise program, take a course in cooking, learn new ways to care for yourself, etc.It is not selfish to want to care for yourself, especially when/if others depend on you. If you are not prepared to care for yourself, at what point do you think you will be able to give 100% to someone or something else? 

Take time now to plant the seeds that will produce results. Begin with one or two steps, make some choices and commit to one or two changes that you can easily incorporate into your life. Even a choice to walk every day, eliminate sugar from your diet, or get a book to research healthy diets are great steps towards better health.

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