The Sun is in inspirational, dramatic and fiery Leo, and the Moon is in airy, social and rebellious Aquarius at this Full Moon.

Inspiring, rebellious and dramatic energy waves may give us the kick in the pants to get out this weekend and spend time with friends. It could also serve as a catalyst to get us thinking in new ways about what is driving us — what exactly are we headed towards if our choices are not examined, our thoughts not carefully scrutinized?

We could also feel an obsessive need to break free from restrictions and systems that have harnessed or limited our choices. How free are we to choose, or respond to decisions made for us by those who manage us: at work, at home, or in our daily lives? Are we limited by these rules, or are we driven to work in cooperation with the forces that govern us in order to modify them?

The overwhelming drive with this Full Moon is to have fun and socialize. Summer is the ideal time for gatherings with friends and family, especially outdoors. Connect with someone you haven’t seen in a while, and make plans to get together. 

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