It is quite common for us to know our Sun sign without being an astrologer.  However, it is not true that everyone knows the sign of the Moon at their birth.

The Moon moves through all 12 signs of the zodiac every month, taking approximately two and a half days to move through each sign, which is the fastest transit time of any of the planets.

In order to determine your Moon sign an astrologer needs your date, time and place of birth.  If the exact time is unknown, an astrologer may be able to tell you the sign of your Moon.  Since the Moon moves so quickly, it may have changed signs on the day you were born.

You can look up your natal chart on  Enter your information (time, place and date) and you can generate a chart, or you can ask an astrologer to calculate your chart for you.

Your Moon sign is almost as important as your Sun sign.  While the Sun sign indicates your energy, the Moon sign reveals your needs.  

For example, a Moon in Cancer native has a for emotional security, while a Moon in Taurus has a need to preserve their security and will need to ensure that security before making changes.  In other words, before a person with a Taurus Moon makes the decision to buy a new home they must be absolutely sure they aren’t risking too much.  Can they afford the new house payment, or will they be happy in a new location?  Is this the right choice?

Contact me at if you would like to find out more about your natal chart.  I provide natal chart readings, career advice readings and yearly birthday readings to give you the outlook for the year ahead.

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