Today at 8:54 pm CDT, the Sun will move into Libra, which marks the start of Fall.

Libra concerns itself with beauty, balance and love!  As in the Spring, (ushered in by the Sun’s movement into Aries), singles are often tempted to find a partner.

The cooler temperatures make it especially nice and inviting to cuddle up with a mate and warm yourself up with a nice cup of steaming coffee in front of the fireplace.  This morning in my part of the world (Madison, Wisconsin) it is especially cool with the temperature at a brisk 46 degrees.

The Moon is in Pisces at the Equinox, which may bring feelings of needing to escape from whatever pressures you are dealing with.  Focus on what is good and positive in your life instead of the negative.  Suggestions to help you move out of a funky mood:  take a walk, meditate, join a friend for dinner, enjoy uplifting music or “dance it out”.

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