At 8:17 pm CT on July 9th the New Moon in Cancer is exact. A New Moon means that the Sun and Moon are in the same sign and the same degree and minute.

Cancer is a Water sign, very tied to emotions and seeks emotional security in order to feel safe and loved. 

The archetype for Cancer is the Mother. For most of us our Mother is the one who brought us emotional security. When we cried as newborns out of hunger or because our diaper needed to be changed, our Mother came to us and tended to our needs. We were comforted by her. She met our needs out of her love for us. As we grew up, she comforted us in other ways: feeding us, listening to our stories, soothing us when our feelings were hurt…and in so many other countless ways.

This New Moon is also impacted by the ongoing Saturn and Uranus square, which will be with us for the rest of the year. When these two meet it is a struggle between the old and the new. It is a call to do things in fresh, new ways. It is difficult for most of us to accept change, especially if it’s out of our control. The best advice I can give is to give up the struggle and surrender to what is happening, as long as you are safe and secure.

Peace be with you! 

Let me know if you want more personalized information, as in a consultation about your natal chart. 

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