A New Moon means that the Sun and Moon are at the same degree in the same sign. Today that sign is Aquarius. And there are echoes of Aquarius in the sky: another four planets are currently in Aquarius. This includes Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Six planets in Aquarius – quite a concentration of energy. 

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is known for bringing about sudden, unexpected changes. The weather in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, this morning resulted in the suddenly icy roads that culminated in a 70+ car/truck pileup with multiple injuries and deaths.

Aquarius is humanitarian, yet can be rebellious and nonconforming. Aquarians can seem aloof, but you must remember that they’re in their head, thinking and so just seem to be a bit remote. 

Imagine the message of Aquarius is one of unity and harmony for all mankind. Six planets in the heavens joined in Aquarius, bringing their message to all of humanity to come together in harmony.

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