On December 29, 2020, at 9:28 pm CDT there is a Full Moon at 8 Cancer. 

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, which suggests that it is an action-oriented and emotional sign, especially fitting since the sign of Cancer rules the Moon. 

The perfect archetype for the Moon in Cancer is the Mother, who nurtures, comforts and provides for others. This is the person who invites you into their home for a home-cooked meal, makes you feel warm and welcome, loved and cared for. 

Take time today to reach out to someone who could benefit from your attention. Reach out and offer emotional comfort to someone who is alone and unable to be with others, especially now when many of us are isolated and home alone. You may never know how much your actions are appreciated. 

We are about to come to the end of a year that has been emotional in many different ways. We’ve faced challenges that simultaneously tore us apart while also bringing us together. 

If you’d like to know where this Full Moon lands in your natal chart and what influences this and other transits may have on you, contact me for a consultation. 

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