Have courage – that’s the initial message I’m getting from this Full Moon.

Have courage to be yourself. Come forward and share what makes you unique, if you dare. I think it takes a lot of bravery to be who you are without apology or fear.

Aries’ ruling planet is Mars. The energy is Fire, and Mars is red hot! This is dancing on coals action!

Libra, where the Sun is now, is a gentler energy. It is Air energy, and moving about, sometimes almost a restless energy, as if driven. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus – the goddess of Love!

So in the end perhaps having the courage to thoroughly love yourself is the real message of this Full Moon.

And all of this brings to my mind a song done by a band called The Honeydrippers – Sea of Love, written by Roosevelt Sykes, who was nicknamed “Honeydripper.” Check it out – nice and easy bluesy rock.

Enjoy the rest of Libra season and ride the waves of the Moon in Aries in a way that brings you peace and love!

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