The New Moon in Leo is on August 18, 2020 arrives at 9:42 pm CDT.

We really need an infusion of the playful energy of Leo in this all too serious time. Leo loves being the center of attention and putting on a show. You want drama, giggles and spirited fun? Invite the spirit of Leo to your party. Leo will bring decorations, in good taste of course. Leo will also make sure you are entertained by good music, good food and an impressive venue.

At the New Moon, I invite you to go back to childhood in your mind and visit the five-year-old you who found joy in the smallest of things — a piece of gum, a marble or a doll. Objects that you’d probably not pay much attention to these days. While you’re revisiting your five-year-old self, try to remember how carefree you felt, how you had no worries, no thoughts of bills or job to go to. Wouldn’t it be a welcome relief to feel like that again?

Creativity is another island that Leo hangs out on. Bring in childlike curiosity, a bit of creativity and a generous spirit and you might find yourself lead down paths you’d otherwise simply pass without notice.

Explore new routes to your destination. Look for joy in simple things. Observe children at play. Get out of the groove you’re in and play!

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