On April 7, 2020 at 9:35 pm Central Time, there is a Full Moon in Libra.  This is a dance between the warrior (Sun in Aries) and the lover (Moon in Libra.)  How do you calm the waters when they’re being amplified by high winds?

This unease is being further agitated by the current angst in society (Mars in Aquarius) bucking up against loss of freedom to move about at will and having our security threatened (Uranus in Taurus).  This energy was brought in yesterday and will be with us for a few days.  Do what you can to calm yourself, if you’re feeling the effects.  Meditate, nap, take a walk, do some yoga, smell some lavender!

Please know that I hope everyone who reads these words is safe and secure at home.  It is worrisome for those who sought their safety, or refuge through whatever work or daily activities they were committed to, and are unable to be outside their home in these days for fear of becoming ill.  I also worry for the children, the innocents, who are unable to speak for or defend themselves.

Contact me here, or send an email to Marsha dot Massino at gmail dot com, if you seek or need guidance about how these transits are playing out in your natal chart.


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