At 1:22 pm CST on January 10, 2020, we have a Full Moon in Cancer, opposing the Sun in Capricorn.

There are a total of five planets in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn (Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto) right now.  Add the Moon in the Cardinal sign of Cancer, and that gives us a grand total of six planets in Cardinal signs.

You will be most affected by this Full Moon if you have planets around 20 degrees of Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra.). Consult an astrologer if you aren’t familiar with your birth chart.

A person with Cardinal energy typically initiates action, is in control and takes the lead in whatever scenario or situation they face.  I have a very close friend with a lot of Cardinal energy in her birth chart and I know I couldn’t keep up the pace with her on my best day.

The polarity of the Moon in Cancer (the mother archetype) and Saturn in Capricorn (symbolic of the father) is represented at this Full Moon. We need to be nurtured in our early days, and pushed to achieve as time goes on and we begin to take our place in society.

These two, mother and father, are typically our very first role models.  From them we learn behavior, manners, expectations and so much more.  Each of us absorbs their guidance and then blend it with our personality to become who we are.

There is also a Lunar Eclipse on January 10th, at 1:10 pm CST.  In North America, the effects of the eclipse won’t be visible since it occurs in the middle of the day.

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