The Full Moon comes to us on December 11th at 11:12 pm CST, with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini.

What is on your mind, aside from the quick approaching Christmas holiday?  Is your shopping done? Are your holiday decorations up? Have you wrapped all the presents? Is the menu planned for Christmas Day?

Treat yourself to a healthy break from activity during this hectic time of year. Give yourself the gift of peace and serenity. Take a deep breath in to a count of four, hold for a count of four, release for a count of four, hold again for four counts. Repeat until you are feeling relaxed and calm.

Above all else, take time to relish the time spent with family and friends.  Make this holiday special. Think of a new way to celebrate that will make it memorable. You could have your children write a letter to their future self. Determine when to open it — in five years or maybe even ten years. Do this with your children. Write them a letter that is meant for their adult years. Create memories to be cherished.

Give the gift of an astrology consultation. Contact me at Marsha dot Massino at gmail dot com or through my Facebook page Astrology By Marsha.

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