Friday the 13th with a Full Moon in Pisces at 11:33 pm CDT!  The Sun is directly opposed the Moon during a Full Moon.  You will be most affected if you have planets or angles at 21 Pisces or Virgo.

The Moon and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) are together in opposing the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury in Virgo.

What comes up for you today may seem rather nebulous and fleeting – not much to sink your teeth into.  In fact, deception may be a theme.  It might not be a planned deception, it’s just so easy to fall under the spell of Neptune, where thoughts may drift into finding a means to escape from the ordinary, dull and boring.  After all, the Full Moon is exact on a Friday night; a time when many of us are looking for excitement, fun and getting out of the day to day groove,

It’s important that you have both feet planted firmly on the ground, think about your words before you speak, and take care to avoid accidents.

Look for ways to be of service to others, taking on the concentrated energy of the Virgo planets, two of which (Venus and Mercury) will move into Libra on Saturday.

Contact me if you would like further insights into astrology.  I read natal charts and offer Solar Return readings as well.  Email me at Marsha dot Massino at gmail dot com.

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