The New Moon in Cancer is exact at 2:17 pm CDT on July 2nd.  The New Moon occurs when the Moon joins the Sun.  This particular New Moon is also a Total Solar Eclipse.  It will be most visible in South America.

Cancer rules the Moon, which means the Moon is quite comfortable here.

The archetype of Cancer is the Mother, or the Healer.  The native of Cancer seeks to nurture and heal others, to bring them under her protection.

Cancer’s image is the crab, with its protective outer shell, keeping it safe from being wounded – most of all, emotionally wounded.  Cancer is very protective of her emotions.  She feels deeply and craves emotional security.

Reach out to others and make an emotional connection.  Share a meal with someone close to your heart.  Allow yourself to feel deeply and commune with others.  Risk your heart and allow love to wash over you in tender waves like water in the shower.

The house in your natal chart containing Cancer will tell you what area of life will be highlighted for you.  In the 7th house it can be about intimate relationships; in the 3rd house it could be about communication; in the 4th house it may be about your home.  If you don’t know where Cancer is in your natal chart, consult an astrologer!

Contact me at marsha dot massino at gmail dot com if you’d like to explore your natal chart with a reading!

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