On January 5th, at 7:29 pm CT, we will have a New Moon in Capricorn.  A New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign, and at the same degree.

Capricorn, being a Cardinal sign, is concerned with responsibility, structure, obedience, wisdom, etc.  People with a lot of Cardinal energy in their horoscope are likely to be the ones who “get the party started.”  Cardinal energy initiates action.

Beginning the new year with a Cardinal New Moon starts it off with the energy to accomplish great things.  Check your list of projects for priorities!  Organize and develop a plan to complete these projects.  By years’ end and Capricorn’s return, you will have much to celebrate!

To be fully prepared for the year ahead, contact me for a Solar Return reading, or an interpretation of your natal horoscope.  I also read natal charts to advise you on career choices that suit your personality.  I can be reached via email at marsha.massino@gmail.com or contact me via my Facebook page:  Astrology By Marsha.

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