Today we have an Earth Grand Trine.  It is formed between the Virgo Sun, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.

An Earth Grand Trine is a self-contained focus of energy of self-sufficiency.

People with this configuration in their natal chart are quite likely to feel that they get along quite nicely on their own, not needing anyone’s help. Their defining statement could be: “I know how to do everything and I don’t need your helpI”

Notice how you feel today.  If you lack Earth in your natal chart, you may often feel that you are not “grounded”.  If this is true for you, go outside barefoot and bask in the sunshine while walking through the grass.  Really get down with Mother Nature.  Plug in to the music on your phone and have a dance party.  See how refreshed you feel!

If you have a birthday in the next few months and want to know what’s coming up for you over the next year, contact me for a reading of your Solar Return.

Solar Return refers to the day and time that the Sun returns to the same degree it was at the time of your birth.

I do these readings for $80.  I have clients who tell me they carry their reading with them and consult it often.  (I supply you with a summary of the reading, so you can keep it on your phone, or print it out and carry in your purse.)

If interested in a Solar Return reading, contact me at  I would love to do a reading for you – or you can book one as a birthday gift for someone special.

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