Pluto started its Retrograde motion on April 18th at 17 Capricorn.  It will station Direct on September 26th at 14 Capricorn.  Pluto can bring transformation where ever it touches us in our chart – its placement at birth or by transit.  In the sign of Capricorn it can bring about change to the structure in our life.

The key to that structural change depends on where Capricorn is found in your natal chart.  For example, in the 4th house, it could be changes to your home or family.  In the 10th house, there could be changes in the structure of your job.

The flower buds pictured here are ready to transform into beautiful red blooms that reveal the beauty of the geranium.

With the Moon in the Fixed Fire sign of Leo comes playfulness, generosity and sometimes drama.  Enjoy the warm and endearing spirit that Leo offers to you.

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