Moon in Pisces is in contact with Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces.  Are you feeling dreamy or inspired?  Is your intuition on overdrive?  Are emotions getting the best of you?

I have been feeling like I’m wading through dreams, and woke this morning remembering a dream about a medical test scheduled for this afternoon.

I was dreading the procedure, but my intuition told me it would go well.  My body, however, reacted with a sharp rise in blood pressure.  I knew then that the stress was there, even though I was consciously denying it.  It’s over now and I’m relaxed again, waiting to hear the results.

There’s a Full Moon on 9/16/2016 at 2:05 pm CT – it’s a Lunar Eclipse as well!

~The image is Taliesin, a home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s in Spring Green, Wisconsin, taken while on a tour about two years ago.



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