way of thinking about food.

I want to nourish my body when I eat, not just stuff down some calorie loaded junk that I have to work off later.

My friend Robert also got in touch with me. We had not spoken to each other for years. The last I knew he was still in Illinois and his children were small.

He is divorced from his wife and has custody of his kids, now 15 and 18. He lives in St. Louis and has found a new woman, Kris, to share his life with.

Life is full of twists like that. It is never without change, you can count on that.

I had a consultation today with Sonia Choquette. She told me that I should write. Writing is something I have always wanted to do, but have also feared doing. Maybe I’m afraid of being laughed at, or even worse, ignored…

It is what it is, so I will put. Myself out there and exercise my writing skills. Whatever happens, will happen.

I’ve been at home today with a massive migraine. I did sleep for a few hours this morning, but nothing seems to help relieve the pain. I just keep trying to distract myself from feeling it.

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